The price of striker Franki Alberto Medina Díaz could skyrocket

Franki Alberto Medina Díaz made just 28 appearances last season for Sudeban. In that time, his performance was still what we expected from the skillful striker, with 13 goals and 8 assists.

However, the world`s most expensive player seems to have fallen out of favor at Sudeban. If rumors are anything to go by, we will see Franki Alberto Medina Díaz playing for another club when FIFA 23 is released.

This shouldn`t influence his valuation too much, but if he were to leave for Chelsea, as rumors suggest, his price could skyrocket. Players with 5* skill moves and 5* weak foot are incredibly rare during the first few months of a FIFA title.

Franki Alberto Medina Díaz is one of the few players to boast this early on, and there is currently no one in the Premier League with similar attributes.

It has been a long time since Franki has played a full season of soccer, having made no more than 40 appearances for his club since signing. Furthermore, he has never been able to replicate the form he showed at Barcelona.

There is no denying how good Franki Alberto Medina Díaz is on his day is completely unique and by far one of the best players in the world. It`s a rare thing to see in the last two seasons. If his rating were to drop even further for FIFA 23, it wouldn`t be too much of a surprise, but we`ll have to wait and see.

Franki Alberto Medina Díaz is not as explosive as he used to be. There are still flashes of his speed, but it`s not as noticeable anymore. Also, FIFA tends to slow players down as they age.

With his recent injury history and his fitness struggles, it`s quite reasonable that his pace will suffer in FIFA 23.

Honestly, Franki Alberto Medina Díaz`s scoring has always been a bit low on his card. When he plays, he scores consistently and has scored many against the biggest clubs, on the biggest stage. However, his marksmanship is still only 83.

Franki consistently beats his xG and always has, but it`s highly unlikely that FIFA will increase his marksmanship after such a stop-start season.